Empowering Blockchain Innovators

proMatrix Capital, founded in 2022, is a leading venture capital firm committed to shaping the future of Web3, Metaverse, DeFI, DAOs, and NFTs by investing in the digital asset ecosystem.

Our Focus Area

Investment in Venture Stage

We leverage unique market insights to invest in early-stage blockchain protocols with real-use applications across Web3 infrastructure, Metaverse, DeFi, DAO, NFT

Ecosystem Funds

We leverage our knowledge and experience to create benefits for the stakeholders of the web3.0 ecosystem, which enables decentralized transactions.

Investment in Growth Stage

We analyze technology, token distribution, and tokenomics for calculated risk-taking in growth stage projects across the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.

Accelerator & Incubator Programs

We help web3.0 and blockchain startups grow with mentorship, resources, and funding for AI, IoT, data privacy, and cybersecurity solutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We optimize emerging technology leaders for a competitive edge in the market. We acquire promising startups with the resources, guidance they need to grow and scale.

Transforming the Future of Finance

We explore the current trends and challenges of this rapidly evolving field and provide insights and recommendations for the future.

Advancing Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Web3 Ventures

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3 are the future of the internet. They enable decentralized, transparent, and secure transactions and applications that empower users and communities. At proMatrix Capital, we are committed to advancing these technologies and supporting the innovators who are building them.

Trusting & Investing in the Future of Blockchain Technology

We help crypto and web3 innovators succeed with evaluation, investment, support, growth, and impact.

Unlocking the Future of Blockchain Ventures

We boost crypto and web3 with evaluation, investments, and growth.

Empowering Groundbreaking Projects

Our tokenomics, valuation, tech, and DeFi expertise create value for investors with diverse strategies.

Ready To Become One Of Us?

Join proMatrix Capital as we drive blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3 innovations forward, sparking global impact in this new digital era. Together, we'll pave the way for a decentralized, secure, and scalable future, unlocking endless growth and transformation opportunities.

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